How can we Clone our own Voice?

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Note: This is only available under Cloning Services.

Contact our support team at for more information. 

  • Login to your account
  • Click on Voice Cloning:

  • Upload 10-15 individual voice recording clips in the .wav format. Each voice clip needs to be around 15 seconds long:

Here are a few recommendations on how to get the best results:

1. Consistency and Naturalness is key. Do not vary your tone or pitch based on the context. Please read in the same tone and pitch for all scripts, and be natural. 

A) Speed: Same level of speed across sentences 

B) Style: Please do not change your voice, tone, pitch, or style throughout. 

C) Pronunciation: Please pronounce the words the same way throughout. 

2. Please pay attention to all punctuations, and ensure you take the necessary pauses and show your respective emotions. 

A) If there is a comma, please make sure to pause, and be consistent in the length of the pauses for all commas. 

B) Please take a longer break for all periods (e.g., twice the length of commas) 

C) Please also be mindful of exclamation & question marks, and enunciate them. 

3. Do not vary your voice or tone to fit the character of the text (same voice and tone should be maintained throughout the entire script).

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