How to Start Creating your Talking Face? Explaining the whole Process.

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Talking Faces is one of our newest unique product that will allow you to use and add the humatars into your video and website. I will now show you the steps on how to create your Talking faces. 

Let us start. 

  • Log in to your account with your registered email address and password. 

  • Click talking faces and from the list, click on Create a Talking Face. 

  • On the left side, you can select humatars that you want to use for your Talking Face. Select an humatar from the list.

  •  Proceed to the next step to add your script, select voice, adjust pause duration and speed. In this area, you can add your script, you can select the language and voice and you can adjust the pause and speed. Max video length is up to 1000 characters. 


  • Next is to proceed to the right side settings. 

  • Here, you can add your desired Title for the talking face, and then you can select the style, preview, and other settings such as a call to action, countdown, playback options, and position of your humatar on the screen.

  • Under the Choose styles area, you can choose for a full body or a circle style humatar. You can click to see how it will appear on the screen.

  • In the preview area, you can select the emotions or gestures of the humatars, whether it’s confidence, acting, and waving hands. 

  • Next is the call to action, this is where the talking face can help you boost your sales, as this is intended for the marketing term to add any design to prompt an immediate response or encourage an immediate sale. This will induce your viewer, reader, or listener to perform a specific act, typically taking the form of an instruction or directive using a button. 

  • Here, you can add text to your button, you can add the link for the button, change button color, and change button text color.  

  • Next is the countdown settings, here you can set a virtual clock that counts down from a certain date or number to indicate the end or beginning of an offer or event. You can add a countdown text, change text color, add minutes and seconds and you can also use date. 

  • Next is the control tab, where you can select how talking faces will react when you put it in a video or on your website.  You have the following options:  You can select from 

  • Auto play after loading - this is a feature containing at least one embedded video or audio element wherein the video or audio element starts playing, automatically, without explicit user choice, after some triggering event such as page load or navigating to a particular region of the webpage.

  • Play once per visit - When this option is selected, the Talking Face will play once, and won't play again until they close the browser and return to the website

  • Show mute button -  this feature gives the audience the option to mute the talking faces from the website. 

  • Close after playing - this feature will automatically close the talking faces form after playing.  

  • Black out mode. - Blackout Mode feature will blacks out the browser/page so you can easily see the talking face upon visiting a certain website.

  • Next is the Playback options where you can select when your Talking Face will appear on your website, either immediately, or selecting a timer or select to load when a visitor is going to leave your page, on exit.

  • Next is to select the position. Here, you can select the humatar’s appearance based on where position inside the screen would like it to appear on your website. You have the option to display it on the Top left, Top right, bottom left, and bottom right positions from your video or website. Now, select your preferred humatar’s position and continue to work on your video. 

  • Once done, you can proceed back to add a script area and select the voice for the talking face.   An important note is that once you have chosen the voice and added your script inside the box you have to click the “Play Script” to generate the audio first so that it will be added to the video. 

  • If everything has been set, agree to the terms and conditions and click Create.

You will be directed to the My Talking Faces page and the rendering will start. Wait until the video is ready and it will show the Ready Status. For this page also, you can set up your url settings which we will explain in our next tutorial video.

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