Voice tips for Ultra Life-like voices.

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Life-like voices can generate human-like conversations that can accurately mimic the intonation, pronunciation, and speed of real speech. With the use of AI-enabled text-to-speech, machines can not only interpret written text inputs, but also produce life-like voices to deliver information.  

Here are the tips for using life-like voices in Synthesys AI Voices. 

  • Synthesys life-like voices understand the language and the context of the text input. As a result of an intelligent self-learning system, Synthesys ultra-life-like voices can choose the tone of their voice just as a real person would.
  • By incorporating specific text into a voice actor’s script, a desired emotion can be conveyed to the voiceover. For instance, when a sentence features words like “happy,” “sad,” or “angry,” the voice actor will inflect their tone accordingly to match the intended emotion.
  • Use the words haha to make the voice actor laugh.
  • End sentences with a hyphen (-) to prevent audio cutting off. To fix repeated words in the audio, add or remove commas (;).
  • Hyphens and commas create natural pauses between words. If you want to remove unnatural pauses in your sentences, remove the hyphens between the words.
  • To ensure proper pronunciation, space should be added between acronyms.
  • It is best to break up long paragraphs into smaller ones in order to avoid repetition.

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