How to improve pronunciation?

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Sometimes, words that seem familiar will not be pronounced the way you expect them to when they are spoken. This can happen either because the language has slightly different pronunciation rules than what you know, or, more likely, because it is a regional accent applied to your language. We have listed points below on how to fix some of the most common problems.

You can use short paragraphs

It is very helpful when you break down the script into shorter paragraphs. This will let the tool know where each sentence begins and ends and allow us to evaluate the pronunciation more precisely. 

You can use audio previews (Play Script)

Make sure before generating your video that you preview your script and selected voice by clicking on Play Script. This way, you'll be able to identify any issues with pronunciation and other errors before it goes live.

  • Enter your script

  • Select language and voice

  • Click Play Script to preview the audio


You can insert hyphens and use phonetic spelling

You can fix word  word pronunciation by doing one of two things: including a hyphen or spelling it out phonetically.  

Try inserting hyphens to make the word sound like you want.

 For example:  [ Recover → re-cover ]

You can also spell numbers as words. 

For example: Ninety Seven -> 97

Four six eight five -> 4 6 8 5

Don't mix languages and spell words correctly

While we expect you to include a lot of creative elements in your script due to the nature of online media, avoid mixing different languages within one script. For example, take care not to include French, Spanish, German words dropped into an English script. Find and revise any spelling errors before rendering.


You can use punctuation marks

You can also try Inserting commas, periods, or quotation marks if you have problems with sentence rhythm. This will be used as breaks in your script.


You can use SSML markup language for NON-HUMAN voice

We support SSML markup language that would allow you to add breaks and pauses in your script. Through the use of these scripts, you can adjust the duration of each pause to last up to 5 minutes each. Please be noted that this will only works on non-human voices like Natasha, Clara, William, Liam and etc. 

For example: 

<break time="5s" /> | This tag will add a 5 seconds break.

<break time="50ms" /> | This tag will add a 50 milliseconds break.


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