Synthesys AI Voice allows you to merge clips from a certain voice. To do so, please follow steps below. 

  • Go to AI Voice
  • Select Merge Clips

  • Click on the voice talent where you want to merge clips. You will see the voice clips that you created under that voice talent. In this example, I'm using Laura's voice.


  • Click on the voice clips that you want to merge in the order that you want them to appear in the merged voice clip and then click "Merge Clips." 

  • It will show how many clips you will merge. From the example below, we're about to merge 6 clips. 

  • Click Merged Clips History to download the merged clips. 

  • Select the voice agent where you want to check/find the merged clips. 

   For example: Laura

  • It will show the list of merged clips under Laura's voice
  • Here, you can download or delete the merged clips.