The good thing with Synthesys Visual is you can easily change the background of your images. To do so, please follow the steps below. 

Here, you can select the new background for your image, you can select from the available color and images that we have or you can upload your own image. 

Let us try uploading our own image. 

  • Click My Images

  • Click Upload your file

  • You can scale your background image to fit in. 

  • Click Save

  • Wait for the image to be uploaded successfully. 

  • Select the image

  • You can preview how it looks with the new background when you select the image.

  • If it’s ready to go, click the Change Background button.

  • The result will prompt which allows you to download the image or to go back to edit again. 

  • Click the Download button to download the image and click the back button to go back to the Editor page and edit the background again.