Adsviser V3 provides the ads we have on advertisers by searching landing page URLs. 

Type into the search bar here the domain of an advertiser An advertiser can be anyone who  places advertisements on Facebook that link back to their domain.


Type the keyword, for example, “Dog” in the search bar. This will collect and display all the relevant ads from our database which include the word “Dog” throughout the ad copy, and URL.

Type multiple words using a comma  or press enter and the search will be focused on ads that are related to both of those words, but not necessarily in the written order. You can also search by using a website link if you want to search specific adverts from specific advertisers/competitors without the “http”.

It’s very important to trim your keywords and test variations of them in order to find the desired results.

To search ads please follow the steps below.

  • Login to your Adsviser V3 account

  • Click on the Search Ads tab

  • Select type of Ads

  • Enter your desired keywords to search

  • Click The Search Button