With Visualai, you can easily and directly create and upload post in your Instagram account. To do so, please follow procedures below.

  • Select upto 10 photos to upload into Your Instagram.
  • Hover on to the desired photo and click Select.

  • Click Next Button

  • Choose Quote and Hashtags that suit best for your image.

  • Select the image to edit and to add quotes/hashtags and sayings.

  • Edit the image if you want by clicking on the Edit image 

  • You can add your own quotes, lyrics and hashtags or you can simply select on the ready made quotes,hashtags and lyrics we have.You can select either you want to add quotes or lyrics. 

  • If you have already setup your images,quotes and hashtags and you are now ready to post. Proceed to the next Step
  • Click Next button to proceed to the next step

  • Select an Instagram Account where you want to post the Photos you made/created.

  • Here, you can select to Post the Photo Right Now, Scheduled Post and Post at The Best Time. 

  • Click Submit to Post 

  • Once posted, a message will appear." Please see your Posts On Instagram"

Now, Check your Instagram Account for the newly added Post from Visualai. 

Enjoy. :)